Here is an interesting article on...

Robert E. Stripling

...reacting as Sen. Richard Nixon describes the microfilms recovered in the Whittaker Chambers spy case.

I was watching a movie on Netflix called "The Atomic Cafe". From 30:10 to 30:33, a man sitting on Nixon's right raises or shifts his eyebrows fifteen times and blinks twenty-six times. Often he moved through several facial expressions within a single pause in Nixon's speech.

I tried to find out who this guy was, and by looking at pictures I learned that it was Stripling, and that he was Chief Investigator of the HCUA.

But he doesn't have a wikipedia page. I looked some more and found a clip which shows part of the newsreel I'm talking about. The 30 minute mark of the film matched up to about the 40 second mark in the clip. But the clip ends just as Nixon started to talk.

Search results pointed me to a PBS clip at
but it never got past "connecting to media" for me so I don't have markers. You couldn't miss this man, though.

I thought I was pretty good at reading people, especially those caught within camera range as a politician in crisis mode is reading something. But I'm utterly lost on this. Is he sending a coded message?

For the record, I'm not affiliated with Netflix (other than as a customer) and I'm not associated with the film (other than as a viewer).

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  • WSS commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The problem, Jay Hunter, is that Stripling gathered good evidence and that his evidence in all his work for HCUA has stood the test of time and held up to scruitny. The new evidenced unearthed over the years has only solidified his discoveries.

  • Jay Hunter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just to be clear that's from 30 minutes, 10 seconds to 30 minutes 33 seconds... a span of 13 seconds.

    I also haven't given up trying to find that clip online. It's been weird, though. I thought I had a good lead when I was looking at videos hosted by Getty Images. I found several clips from the same press conference, possibly eve the same newsreel, but Sen. Nixon's statement is not part of them. Even German language archives have omitted it.

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